I like to travel, the colours and people in other places always inspire and its always time to draw and paint. Use a pencil, pen, paint, whatever. So many ways to render a subject ! Eh? The Miss World answer I think.

I love all forms of art ! I’ve done the amateur dramatics, yes darling how very dare you. My biggest achievement ? I was in something called “H” a modern version of Hamlet. I had a rather long sword fight in one scene. You can still find a review of “H” in the Glasgow Herald website which does not mention me. Oh alas poor Charlie I knew him Horatio. I’ve done a few ads you’ve seen on T.V. as well as writing a little poetry, a play and a sick note (to my school teacher). 

I like to take the odd photo, well it goes with the whole artistic side, don’t you think ?

Where I go to have fun The Glasgow Southern Art Club. 

Also while having fun out there let’s remember a little Charity work whenever we can and even when we can’t.

Give something back, these people do >CCC.